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User:N8chz suggests:

In addition to the Barcode############[#] 'namespace,' could barcode wikia afford to accommodate a namespace for NDB#### type wikinames, where NDB is NDB number as assigned by the USDA in its USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference? They offer both single item lookup and nonproprietary bulk data download. I believe the world is hurting for a data 'mapping' between the EAN/UPC numbering and that of the NDB. Also what about PLU codes? NDB is normally (but not always) assigned to 'generically' defined foodstuffs or commodities. The same is essentially true of PLU, so essentially there is (logically) a many-to-one relation from 12-13 digit EAN and UPC numbers to 4[?] digit NDB and PLU numbers.

One application of this relationship that I think would be implementable on the present wiki with minimal effort (and one can only hope minimal 'pushing the fair use envelope' as interpreted by the corporados). For example, if Barcode# entries are to contain ingredient lists (as I have started to do, complete with mock-XML tags) 'linking' to pages representing each ingredient, within barcode wikia, would be trivially easy, as much as typing, say


Note that the NDB search page mentioned above does not [appear to] have a namespace schema, which is to say NDB numbers as substrings URL's. By my 'values,' they make up for this sin, though, by offering bulk text downloads.

Kernigh writes: So, for example, NDB06475 would be "Soup, beef broth or bouillon, powder, prepared with water". At least for now, I think that we can afford to this, and collect NDB numbers in addition to barcodes. --Kernigh 18:48, 7 July 2006 (UTC)