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Did you know that there is a special page to view all barcode entries? It is Special:Allpages. Currently I count TWENTY (20) barcode entries, all under the GNU Free Documentation License, making these 20 entries free for anyone to use.

There is another special page to view all registered users editing this wiki, Special:Activeusers. I only see three entries: Y23, the founder; Angela, who gave us our "wiki" logo, and myself Kernigh. We also had a few unregistered users edit. --Kernigh 23:07, 10 May 2006 (UTC)

Remove "barcode" from entry names?

I was wondering, though, if the "barcode" prefix is necessary. As the entire wiki is a barcode database, maybe we could rename pages like Barcode5035822983830 to simply "5035822983830". Then Special:Prefixindex/Barcode would stop working, however it would be easy to create new entries using an inputbox:

<createbox> </createbox>

We could put the inputbox on the Main Page, then ask contributors to type the barcode number (without spaces). However, with the current system they must type the word "barcode" first. --Kernigh 23:07, 10 May 2006 (UTC) We could put the box on the Main Page, then tell

User:y23 tell what? Thanks for ANY HELP yar'all!!!

NDB Codes

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