OpenBSD 3.8 is the November 2005 release of the OpenBSD operating system; it consists of three CDs with computer software. It is one of the flavors of BSD. For some reason, OpenBSD 3.8 has a barcode on the back of the case, though OpenBSD 3.7 did not have a barcode. OpenBSD 3.8 has also has an ISBN number, ISBN 0-9731791-6-3. There are multiple ways to obtain these CDs, but among the most common is to preorder or purchase online from OpenBSD directly, in which case it is unlikely that anyone scans the barcode.

The CDs are made in Canada, because the OpenBSD project has its base in Canada, and it contracts with a local party to make the CDs. The CD manufacturer apparently is not identified on the packaging, so who knows what other 623667* products exist?

The software Edit

This particular release has i386 (aka Intel x86, IA-32) and VAX software on CD 1; Macintosh/PowerPC and AMD64 software on CD 2; and SPARC and SPARC64 software on CD 3. Music is on CD 2 Track 2, while source code for the entire operating system is on CD 3.

The packaging contains a lot of self-praise, such as this:

OpenBSD consists of free and open software; no arcane licenses, no creepy crawlies, no traps. Likewise, this CD contains complete source code, with no secret magic bits. Supports most ide and scsi controllers, usb, most network devices (wired and wireless), most graphics cards. If you have old or peculiar hardware, check the hardware compatibility lists at

It is quite subjective, as we might disagree about which licenses are "arcane". However, complete source code is on CD 3 and at ftp and anonymous cvs servers online. To use graphic cards, you actually need Xorg, which ships with OpenBSD. On Macintosh hardware, it is more difficult to run Xorg on BSD than it is to run it on Linux.