Important Note!

The following is a very rough paraphrase of the package informational content, not as exhaustive, systematic and verbatim a transcript as I can muster, as is the case with the majority of my barcode wikia postings. This is because this package, like a seemingly growing fraction of consumer product packages, carries a copyright notice. I believe in being a law-abiding citizen, and in doing what is expected of the same, including respecting property rights. On the other hand, I also believe in [fair use]. What should the consumer public do in the event that industry (in general) decides to start putting copyright notices on price tags? Accept strong market intransparency as a non-negotiable constraint of economic reality?

<ct>4</ct>-pack (<colour>purple</colour>, <colour>burgundy</colour>, <color>green</colour>, <color>pink</colour>) <desc>gel pens</desc>.

<brand>Pilot™ mini G2</brand>