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bold flavor * smooth taste <brand>Seattle's Best</brand> <desc>coffee</desc>

<desc>ground|organic|coffee</desc> <flavour>French roast</flavour>

<img alt="George Washington">
Certified <certified>Organic
<agency>Washington State Dept. of Agriculture</agency><certified>


A rich, dark roast with an intense European flavor. For those who prefer bold flavor, hearty aroma and a rich, full body. Oooo-la-la!


<certification>Fair Trade<certification>

<roast>dark</roast> roast

ground organic coffee/<desc lang="français">café biologique moulu</a>

Net weight <mass><amount>12</amount> <unit>oz</unit></mass>/poids net <mass si="3.4e-1"><amount>340</amount><unit>g</unit></mass>




grown at high altitudes for exceptional flavorEdit

Seattle's Best Coffee selects high-altitude coffees from certified growers. Because our coffee is farmed without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, our growers are able to help preserve local water quality as well as help preserve the environment. At SBC, even our roasting plant has been certified organic. This allows us to guarantee our coffee's integrity from field to cup.

Product of the <coo ie="country of origin">USA</coo>./Product des É.-U.
Manufactured by:/Fabriqué par:
<mfr><name>Seattle's Best Coffee, LLC</name>
<address><number>2401</number> <street>Utah Ave. S.</street>, <city>Seattle</city>, <state>WA</state> <postal>98134</postal> <country>USA</country></address>/É.-U.</mfr>
© <copyright><date><year>2003</year></date> <owner><name>Seattle's Best Coffee, LLC</name></owner></copyright>
All rights reserved./Tous droits réservés.
Printed in the USA/Imprimé au É.-U. J111046

Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture.



The perfect cup of coffeeEdit


Seattle's Best Coffee™ is roasted so that one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee per 8 fl oz (236 mL) of cold, clean water makes a very good cup. To achieve the perfect cup for you, add more or less coffee until it suits your taste.


The longer coffee is exposed to air, heat, moisture and light, the more flavor it loses. To retain the best coffee flavors, always squeeze air from bag and close securely.

special ordersEdit

Order your favorite coffee direct from With convenient online ordering, it's always a good time for Seattle's Best Coffee.™ Or call <phone>1-800-962-9659</phone>.

<stamp> BEST BEFORE:<bestbefore><date><day>12</day><month>MAY</month><year>2007</year></date></bestbefore>K
<misc>L051207K32145E</misc> </stamp>

Ease pull-apart bagEdit

To openEdit

Pull apart at top seal.

To closeEdit

Roll bag down, close with tin tie.

This FlavorLock™ package guarantees your coffee has flavor as full and fresh as the day it was roasted.

<img alt="PUBLIC MARKET" />
Our famous nean cup can be seen at our landmark café in Seattle's <place latitude="" longitude="">Pike Place Market</place>.


<left> This excellent quality coffee has been Fair Trade Certified(sm) by TransFair USA, an independent nonprofit organization which monitors and certifies Fair Trade products in the United States. Fair Trade helps raise incomes and living standards for smallholder coffee farmers overseas while helping to protect the environment. Fair Trade doesn't provide aid or charity, but instead promotes self-reliance and equality for farmers who are disadvantaged under present trading conditions. By choosing this Fair Trade Certified(sm) product, you are supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship.

Fair Trade practices include:Edit

  • Paying farming families a fair price for their harvests.
  • Helping smallholder farmers gain access

to needed loans for working capital.

  • Establishing direct, long-term trading relationships

between buyers and farmers.

To learn more about TransFair USA and Fair Trade please write to: <organisation><name>TransFair USA</name>, <address latitude="" longitude=""><number>1611</number> <street>Telegraph Avenue</street>, Suite <suite>900</suite>, <city>Oakland</city>, <state>CA</state> <postal>94612</postal></address>. Or visit their website at or



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